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Professor's is a family-owned restaurant which was re-opened in the Spring of 2017. The restaurant was first opened in 1976 as Professor Pittewurst Panaceatic Inn by Professor Pittewurst with the amazing sandwiches and the unique atmosphere they invented. The sandwiches have been local favorites for over 40 years.


Along with the great history of Professor's restaurant, the building itself has had such great history. For instance, the north half of this building once served as the depot in Yocemento, Kansas, located 5 miles west of Hays. Then, in the early 1920’s, it was moved to this location to serve as the home of the American Legion.


Today, Professor's is owned and operated by the Jensen family and it offers an array of healthy options including sandwiches, soups, and salads. Also, raw honey and homegrown mushrooms are offered at the restaurant for individual purchase and they are also served as part of a number of dishes in the menu. The honey has been harvested by the Jensen Family at Jensen Farms in Ellis County, Kansas, and it helps as a natural sweetener of their signature lemonade.


 The Jensen Family has always grown their own food and cared about the Earth, but since they started raising honeybees it has totally changed the way they look at the world and how and what they eat. This building has given them a way to share their love of food, especially honey and mushrooms with you.


They believe that health is wealth is and that we are what we eat! They want to bring you the best food possible, from as close to home as possible and for the best possible price.


Additionally, the Jensen family offers educational tours at Jensen's Farms about bees, honey, and its importance, to children and families in the area as well as educational institutions. 

Jensen Family Farms
Inside Professor's Restaurant
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